Dokita Volume 35 - 50th anniversary edition

First Published: May 2010
Category: Anniversary Edition

Professor EEU Akang, Dr. B.P. Adeyemi, Dr. Adetola M. Ogunbode, Dr. Modupe M.A. Ladipo, Dr. Ikeoluwa O. Ajayi, Obikezie 00, Ige OK, Osungbade KO, Olumide EAA and Asuzu MC, Dr. Folasade A. Bello, Dr. P.A. Fehintola, Dr. O. Olayemi, eM. Izuka, 1.0. Elueze, Famutimi O.D.,Alliu S, E, Famutimi 0., Oladeji B.D, Dr. Godwin Ogbole, Olatunji Olalere, Olusola Oriniowo, Adeyemi Uzomah , Daniel A Adeyinka, Anetor G.O,AnetorE.A, OgundeleB.O, Okwumezie CO, Koyejo T. T, Obaitan 1, A.S Ezeogba, Dr Moses Ilo, Dr. Temitope O.Ajayi, Professor S.B Lagundoye

Editorial - 50th Anniversary

It has been half a century since the first edition of DOKITA was published with the aim of showcasing research done in Ibadan by the students and doctors at the University College Hospital, Ibadan.

The years have been gracious to the board, with great strides being made in each board year by the Editorial Board, evident by the increasingly better quality of publications, more interactive and engaging synopsis, essay and quiz competitions, and for this we are grateful, to God, to our Editorial consultants, board members both past and present, doctors, medical students and sponsors who all have contributed greatly in ensuring the continuity and development of the board and its primary publication – DOKITA.

This year’s edition of DOKITA, the 50th anniversary edition, is aimed at celebrating 50 years of continued excellence, with articles from various specialties. Of special interest to myself are the articles on the Churg-Strauss Syndrome, obstetric analgesia and the role of psychotherapy in the management of cancer to mention a few. In the spirit of the celebrations, a few articles focusing on the board’s history and achievements are included, and also the ever refreshingly entertaining DOKITA extras.

I am confident that there is something in this edition for everyone, and without much ado, I invite us all to a wonderful read.

Abayomi Oyenuga
May 2010

“Whichever be the case, enough does happen in, and emanate from this institution to need that reports be made for our successors as a record of our findings, progress and ideas and to our contemporaries for record and exchange…for these, we present in the language of the Nigerian populace, DOKITA, that through it, and in it we may arouse, terrify, teach, comfort and open our hearts to each other as brothers”

Dr. Moses Ikechukwu Ilo
First Editor-in-Chief
DOKITA Editorial Board

  • Churg Strauss Syndrome
  • Knee Pain and Obesity,Risk Factors for Mobility
  • An Overview of the NHIS in Nigeria
  • Procreation in Hiv-discordant Couples
  • Cotrimoxazole, Clinical Uses and Malaria Chemotherapy
  • The Synopsis of Obstetric Analgesia
  • An Overview of Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) Deficiency in Icteric Newborns
  • The Role of Psychotherapy in Cancer Management
  • Patterns of Computed Tomography Findings in Children with Hydrocephalus in Ibadan.
  • Clinical Approach to Premature Rupture of Fetal Membrane
  • Factors Influencing Food Choices among Undergraduates of Two Selected Universities in South-West Nigeria
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  • Best Essay of the Prof. J.A. Adeleye Intermedical School Essay Competetion
  • DOKITA 1960-2010: A Short History of Early Years
  • Tropical Jewel
  • The Pioneer Class of Uch Ibadan Trained Doctors (The 1955 Entry)
  • Dokita Extras