Prof JA Adeleye National Inter-medical School Essay Competition

The Biennial Essay Competition is held in honor of the longest served chairman of the Board, Professor J. A. Adeleye who also doubles as an Honorary Member of the Board. The last (6th) edition was in 2012 with the topic: The influence of unorthodox medicine on healthcare in Nigeria.” Mr. Ola Idris Olasumbo, who was a medical student from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology at the time, emerged winner. The essay competition is now in its 7th edition.

Objectives of the Essay Competition

1. To encourage excellence among medical students;
2. To encourage increased interest of medical students about current national issues;
3. To promote the development of the art of writing amongst medical students;
4. Foster unity and interaction among Nigerian medical students; and
5. To honour Professor J. A. Adeleye, an Honorary Member of DOKITA Editorial Board and the longest-served Chairman of the DOKITA Editorial Board

Previous Editions

The table below shows the details the past editions of the competition and the winners.

Topic: The influence of unorthodox medicine on healthcare in Nigeria.

Topic: Sustainable alternate energy source in lieu of diminishing oil reserves in Nigeria. 

Topic: Climatic change: a ticking time bomb. 

Topic: Health sector reform in Nigeria: meeting the millennium development goal. 

Topic: Patient-doctor relationship: medicolegal issues. 

Topic: Healthcare management: the bane of healthcare delivery in Nigeria. 

Topic: The national programme on immunization: successes, failures and prospects for the future. 

Topic: The national health insurance policy: its pros and cons. 

Topic: Medical practices and ethics in Nigeria: strange bed fellows?