Dokita Volume 27 - 40th anniversary edition

First Published: July 2000
Category: Anniversary Edition

Soyanwo, M.A.O, Osunkoya, B.O., Ojesina, A.I., Otelaja, A., Itakpe, S.E., Essien, E.M., Aken’Ova, Y.A., Adebamowo, C.A, Ogbu, U., Falade, O.,  Gopaldasani, V., Alli, O.O., Adeyinka, A.T., Olawoye, M.O., Bakare, R.A., Ogunniyi, A., Okewole, A.O., Osisiogu, C.U., Shoyinka, S.O., Adelowokan, T.O., Ajiboye, G.A., Ibrahim, O.A., Omoregie, A.G., Sofola, S., Fafunso, A., Raji, A.S., Onaga, A.I., Popoola, O.M., Shobode, M.A., Olayemi, O., Obamuyide, H.A., Nwaorgu, O.G.B., Adekanbi, T., Thorpe, A., Ogundahunsi, O.A. T., Oyetunde, O., Omobolade, E.B, Okafor, O.N., Tiamiyu, A.A., Odetunde, A., Murtala, G.B., Soyanwo, B.O., Ungbaku, P., Ogunde, A.O., Ogebe, O.S., Lawal, I.

Editorial - 40th Anniversary

DOKITA at 40 – a tale of the survival of the best students’ Journal in Nigeria through the socio-economic and political ups and downs of this nation.
The much awaited new millennium has come and it possibly has seen what can be described as the dawning of a new day’ in the history of this journal. An attempt has been made not only to maintain the quality of the journal but also to set the framework for future editions with a focus on perfecting what was started 40 years ago. This is not an easy task but with the discipline, diligence and dedication of fellow board members we shall continue to reach for greater heights.

This year
Along with the production of this journal as part of celebrating 40 years of excellence, an International Medical Students’ Conference with the theme – “Medical Education on the Developing World” was planned. This was an attempt to reassess the state of our training programme and to put forward recommendations to the authorities concerned. I want to commend all board members for their efforts towards the planning and execution of this programme.

This Edition
In compiling the articles for this edition, an attempt was made to cover topical issues in the medical world with a focus on areas of rapid growth in medical research, with articles from experienced minds in the various areas drawn from Medicine, Haematology, Paediatrics, Genetics, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology. These were required to highlight recent advances in topical issues in these fields. In an attempt to reveal the other side of medical students an article- “The Literary Physicians – Nigerian Medical Students and the Art of Writing” is also included. Along with this in the special features section is an article on the difference between surgical practice in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Also included is the winning essay for the annual Prof l.A. Adeleye Essay competition with the title: “National Programme on Immunization: Successes, Failures and Prospects for the Future”. For the first time, the DOKITA journal will include the best Igbo-Ora Project for the year. This is in keeping with DOKITA’s age-long tradition of excellence. As part of celebrations a special focus on the history of DOKITA is also included highlighting the progression from the onset to date and prospect for the future.

Our Dream
Life they say begins at 40. For DOKITA it is the beginning of a new era setting the stage for the 21st Century DOKITA. We look forward to the return of the journal to quarterly production even with the prevailing socioeconomic circumstances. This will assist in keeping up with the pace of advancement in medical research and also to meet up with the challenges of the new millennium.

First of all, to the all sufficient, merciful, gracious and everlasting Father, the Almighty God for seeing us through the trying times and for embarrassing us with His love even when we thought we could not carry on. We can never thank you enough.

Special thanks to the World Health Organisation (WHO) for sponsoring the production of this edition of the journal. Thanks also goes to Chevron Nig. for their donation of a computer system to the board. Prof O.O. Akinkugbe, for your advice and help for which our appreciation can never be enough. Above all sir, we thank you for believing in us.
To Prof. Jaiye Thomas and Prof. Omigbodun (Our Board Chairman and Deputy respectively). We appreciate your support and contributions to this board and we look forward to more years together.
I would also like to appreciate Prof. M.A. Soyanwo (the 1st sub-editor and 2nd Editor of DOKlTA) who wrote the foreword to this journal.
My appreciation also to the Editorial Consultants and our Conference Advisers who stood by us throughout. We are indeed grateful.
Special thanks to the Production Manager and the Production Team who sacrificed time and energy to see to the production of this edition.
Lastly, to the ever diligent, disciplined and dedicated Board Members who through thick and thin maintained these characters. I appreciate your efforts and congratulations. I will also like to thank you for the opportunity I was given to serve. It has been a rewarding experience.

Oladunni Filani
July 2000

  • 40 years of DOKITA
  • DOKITA: The Early years.
  • Nuclear Appendages in neutrophil Polymorphs
  • Reminiscence with a view of Renaissance
  • My Experience as 1st female E.I.C. of DOKITA
  • 40 Years in Pictures
  • Current Concepts in the Drug Therapy of HIV/AIDS
  • Distribution of Sickle Cell Disease in Africa
  • The Human Genome Project
  • An overview of Gene Cloning
  •  Current Trends in Antibiotic resistance in UCH
  • Overview of Alzheimer’s Disease in Nigeria
  • Renal Transplant: An Overview
  • Stroke Review and New Frontiers in Management
  • Common Paediatric Emergencies at U.C.H
  • Jaundice In the New Born.
  • A Review of Gynaecological Laparoscopy
  • Chronic Suppurative Otitis media and Complication in patients presenting at the ENT Clinic UCH
  • Chronic osteomyelitis in Ibadan
  • Immune Response and the Management of Malaria
  • Surgical Practice in the UK: A Personal View
  • Literary Physicians: Nigerian Medical Students and the art of creative writing
  • WINNING ESSAY: The National Programme on Immunization:
  • Successes, Failures and Prospects for the Future
  • Best Igbo-Ora Project: Occurrence of Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) in Children under five years in Igbo-Ora during the Period January 1-28, 1999
  • DOKITA Extras